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Buying The Best Cordless Nailer For Your Job | 4 Value Picks

It is important to select the right type & best cordless nailer, as well as considering aspects such as nail firing types, adjustable depth, jam clearing, easy to load magazines, nail size adjustments, protective guards, large triggers and carrying cases.

For high-powered, large construction jobs a cordless framing nailer will be needed. Prices range from $210 for a Milwaukee or Porter Cable framing nail gun to $531 for the Paslode cordless, air-less framing impulse nailer IM325CT.

4 Best Cordless Nailer 2020

The Paslode cordless framing nailer (900420) for $355.79 is routinely hailed as the best in this field. It fires 1200 nails on a single fuel cell and up to 4000 nails on a full battery charge, providing a cycle of 2-3 nails per second.

It is compatible with full and clipped-head 2”-3 1/4” nails. The load magazine is highly visible and a lockout feature provides needless blank cycling. This cordless nail gun also offers tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment and a handy dual-position belt hanger. A compact, well-balanced design (6.9 lbs and 12” long), combined with a sure grip and soft trigger help reduce arm fatigue and make it lightweight and manoeuvrable.

The patented system requires both a fuel cell (not included) and a rechargeable battery (included). The kit also contains charger, safety goggles and plastic case. This charging system is the only one that will work with Paslode batteries.

Hitachi offer a round head cordless gas framing nail gun NR90GR for $247.25 and a clipped head cordless nailer NR90GC for $371.95. Both home improvement tools can shoot 2 nails per second and accept nails ranging in length from 2-3 1/2” using a two-step nail loading procedure for speed. The depth of drive is controlled by a tool-free adjustment. For reduced user fatigue and extra comfort, this cordless nailer is lightweight (7.7 lbs) and has a rubber grip. A battery indicator light shows when recharging is necessary and the 7.2 volt battery recharges in an hour. Kits include battery, charger, safety glasses, rafter hook and case.

A cordless finish nailer is used for finer work such as furniture, cabinets, trim and molding and is much lighter. Black and Decker make a 12V Ni-Cad 18 gauge cordless finish nailer (BDBN1202) for $199.99. It operates with nails between 5/8 -2” and has a capacity of over 400 nails per hour. It has two adjustable depth controls, tool-free jam clear mechanism and a non-mark tip.

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The Paslode cordless finish nailer 901000 costing $232.51, is ultra-light weighing just 4.9 lbs and is easy to manipulate with a tool-less depth-of-drive feature. It is capable of driving nails from 5/8-2” and has a high-visibility load magazine. A no-mar tip protects the work piece and a comfortable grip and soft trigger make it easier to operate. Kit includes battery, charger, belt hanger, safety glasses, wrench and case.

One of the more expensive types is the heavy-duty XRP 15 gauge 34 degree angled Dewalt cordless finish nailer DC628K costing $376.46. This 8.5 lbs cordless nailer works with any Dewalt 18v battery and provides exceptional speed of 4-5 nails per second.

It accepts 1 1/4 – 2 1/2” nails and penetrates consistently in both soft and hard materials. Different operating modes allow for precision or speed and a six-position dial makes it easy to move between applications. Other features include LED lights, lock-off switch and tool-free mechanism for releasing jams. The kit includes battery, charger, reversible belt hook, no-mar tip, safety glasses and kit box.

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