Top 7 Best Ladders For Cleaning Gutters in 2021 (With Quick Summary

How many times have you wished you had wings to fly up to the roof and clean all the debris on the gutter? Well, it’s only a matter of a good quality ladder that can make it easy for you. However, as it needs patience and time to clean the gutter, you definitely need a durable one that you can rely on. But is it that easy to find the best ladder for cleaning gutters in the market?

Looks like most users don’t feel that way, as there are tons of customer complaints about the ladders bought online. However, we took our time to find some of the most useful ladders that can actually support you in cleaning your roof gutter. Follow this piece till the end to find out!

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How We Write?

After reading more than 30 articles on the internet and skimming through 50+ ladders, we have finally picked up 7 products from the market. We had to go through 120+ customer reviews to find out if the picked ladders are actually worth it or not. So, after spending 30+ hours researching the ladders, we have finally prepared this article for you.

30 Second Quick Summary

Editor’s Pick: Louisville Ladder FE3224 Fiberglass Extension Ladder 300-Pound Capacity

“Superior D-shaped rungs for flawless stepping to reach the top with safety.”

Best For Folding: Little Giant 10126LG 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder System

“It can be folded down to the 1/4th of its size for superior convenience,”

Best For Multipurpose: Idealchoiceproduct 19.5ft Heavy Duty Giant Multipurpose Aluminum Extension Folding Ladder
“Apart from a regular ladder, this one can take multiple other forms for daily use.”

Best For Steps: Louisville Ladder L-3016-12 Step Ladder

“The ladder comes with a convenient slip-resistant set of rungs for excellent balancing.”

Best For Lightweight: Xtend& Climb Contractor Series 125+/300 Telescoping ladder

“With only 34 pounds of weight, this one is one of the lightest one out there.”

Best For Stability: Louisville Ladder FE3220 Fiberglass Step Ladder 300-Pound Duty Rating

“It comes with a stable swivel safety shoe for firm grip on the ground.”

Best For Safety: Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M22

“This ladder is built by complying with all the safety standards of ANSI and OSHA for excellent safety.”

Top 7 Best Ladders For Cleaning Gutters

Although there are tons of ladders in the market, we ended up picking only 7 for you. Trust us; these ladders are going to help you out with the least complaints! So, without further ado, let’s get in!

  1. Louisville Ladder FE3224 Fiberglass Extension Ladder 300-Pound Capacity

We start it off with the Louisville FE3224 Fiberglass Ladder. This 24-feet ladder is just the one you need to start cleaning your gutter. Although the height can take you up to 24 feet higher from the ground, it becomes just 12 feet when you fold it down. That’s why the storage height of the ladder is just half the original size.

The best part is, the ladder can carry weight up to 300 pounds. So no matter what your weight is, the ladder can consume your load pretty easily. Again, the steel swivel safety shoe of the ladder makes it a perfect choice for any ground. It firmly stays on the ground to support the weight over it.

Moreover, the D-shaped rungs on the ladder are also quite useful when it comes to riding them. The rungs are strong and slip-resistant, as well. So, you can step on the rungs to ride the ladder with utmost comfort. Its 51-pounds lightweight profile also plays a vital role in this case.


  • Up to 300 pounds capacity
  • D-shaped rungs
  • Folding height 12 feet
  • Main height 24 feet
  • Slip-resistant rungs


  • It can carry a lot of weight on it
  • Steel swivel shoes keep the ladder firm on the ground
  • It is foldable into half of its size
  • Slip-resistant D-shaped rungs for a comfortable ride


  • The latches are plastic-made instead of aluminum
  • Little Giant 10126LG 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder System

Up next is the Little Giant 10126LG Ladder which offers a better height than the first one. Yes, you get 26 feet in height on this ladder from the ground. That, too, at a 90-degree angle. So, you can put this ladder anywhere on the ground and make it work.

Apart from that, the ladder comes with a telescoping folding technique. This makes it really easy to store and fold. You can easily fold it down to ¼ that of its original size. Thanks to the patented triple lock hinge system, you can fold and unfold in minutes.

As for the construction of this ladder, there’s more. It’s made from heavy-duty 6005-T5 aluminum. This makes it a strong and sturdy ladder that can hold heavy loads on it. To be specific, it can consume up to 300 pounds of weight. This allows any heavyweight user to ride on it.


  • 6005-T5 aluminum construction
  • Patented triple lock hinge
  • Telescopic slides for storage
  • Height up to 26 feet
  • Weight support up to 300 feet


  • Foldable at 1/4th size
  • Can take up to 300 lbs of height
  • Made from superior, strong aluminum
  • A 90-degree ladder can be placed anywhere


  • It’s a bit heavyweight to handle
  • Idealchoiceproduct 19.5ft Heavy Duty Giant Multipurpose Aluminum Extension Folding Ladder

The 19.5 feet ladder from Idealchoiceproduct is something beyond a gutter-cleaning ladder. Why? Well, the ladder can be easily used for different purposes other than only straight climbing support. You can conveniently use it as a double-sided ladder, workstation platform, straight ladder, and also stair ladder.

It comes with 4 different rungs that can be combined together to form a straight ladder. Each rung features 5 steps on it. Once put together, the ladder takes the height of 19.5 feet max. As for the rungs, these have solid grips on the surface. So, you don’t slip off while you ride on it.

While you put the parts together, you can expect the ladder to be locked tight. This is because the locking zones come with safety locks so that you don’t feel any trembling while you put all the rungs together. Apart from that, the ladder comes with a rust-proof construction for rough and long-term use.


  • 4 rungs X 5 steps combination
  • Rubber pads for a solid grip
  • Convertible ladder
  • Rustproof formation
  • Foldable design


  • The rungs come with an anti-slip design
  • Lightweight ladder can be easily carried
  • It can take multiple forms other than a straight ladder
  • Rust Proof design for long term use
  • Safety locks for secured use


  • The moving parts inside the hinges are not lubricated
  • Louisville Ladder L-3016-12 Step Ladder

If you are looking for a quick ride on top of the gutter, the 12-feet ladder from Louisville will be of great help! Although it doesn’t lift you over 12 feet, it does help you to reach the gutter for most common households. Again, the lightweight profile of the ladder makes it pretty useful, as well.

Now, even if the maximum height of the ladder is 12 feet, this doesn’t mean it can’t carry enough weight. Rather, the ladder can take a load up to 300 pounds. So, no matter how heavyweight the climber is, it’s not going to slip in any way. Speaking of slipping, the ladder has a slip-resistant boot system on the rungs to save you from slipping.

Made from non-conductive fiberglass, the ladder rungs are built with utmost care. As you can tell, the rugged rungs can support the weight to a greater level. Plus, it doesn’t break and fall victim to wear and tear. So, you can easily use it for a long time, for sure!


  • Weighs 46 pounds
  • Made from non-conductive fiberglass
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds
  • Slip-resistant boot
  • Maximum height 12 feet


  • Made from heavy-duty fiberglass material
  • It can support up to 300 pounds of weight on it
  • Can be easily stored and carried
  • Slip-resistant boot system on the rungs
  • The lightweight ladder weighs just around 46 pounds


  • Not foldable into half
  • Xtend& Climb Contractor Series 125+/300 Telescoping ladder

If convenience and comfort are what you prioritize in your life, then look no further when you have the Xtend& Climb 12.5 feet ladder. This one comes in an amazing design that makes it pretty easy to handle. The telescopic folding system allows you to shrink the ladder into 1/3rd of its original size.

As for the construction of it, this ladder is a pure genius. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This ensures that the ladder will support you for a long time. Not to mention the aerospace engineering that took place while designing it. Again, it follows the ANSI/OSHA standard for safety, as well.

With all this superior build quality, the ladder weighs just 34 pounds. It’s one of the most lightweight ladders we have reviewed so far. Still, it can lift up to 300 pounds of weight on it. So, it’s not that fragile, either.


  • ANSI/OSHA standards compliant
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Maximum weight up to 300 pounds
  • 34 pounds of weight
  • Foldable design


  • Made from superior quality heavy duty aluminum
  • Follows the safety standards of ANSI and OSHA
  • Easy to lock with the no-pinch closure system
  • Easy to carry while folded down
  • Very lightweight design for convenient use


  • Not long enough
  • Louisville Ladder FE3220 Fiberglass Step Ladder 300-Pound Duty Rating

Looking for the best ladder for cleaning gutters? Well, try the Louisville 20-feet ladder that comes with impressive build quality. This one is a lightweight telescopic ladder that can be easily carried once folded. It can be folded almost into half the size of the actual one.

Despite that, the ladder can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. In addition, the fiberglass that’s been used to design the ladder is pretty much non-conductive and sturdy. Apart from that, the elegant design and smooth finish will definitely attract anyone.

Speaking of the rails and steps, the ladder features mar-resistant rails on it. Plus, the steps are slip-resistant, as well. So, whenever you are riding up and down, you are not going to slip in any way, for sure.

As for the height, the ladder can be extended up to 20 feet. This allows you to reach most gutters in the US household. Again, the bottom of the ladder has steel swivel safety shoes to keep the ladder firm at the highest extension.


  • Weighs 42 pounds
  • Highest weight capacity 300 pounds
  • Non-conductive fiberglass steps
  • Mar-resistant rails
  • Stable swivel safety shoe.


  • Lightweight design for convenient use
  • Up to 300 pounds of carrying capacity
  • Stable steel swivel safety shoe for firm placement on the ground
  • Mar-resistant rail end caps easy stepping


  • A bit of narrow to stand on
  • Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M22

Let’s call the day with the M22 ladder from Little Giant Ladders. The name ‘little giant’ does justify the build quality of the ladder here. Made from heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum, this one is pretty durable and sturdy. As for safety, the ladder comes with a quad-lock hinge for secured locking.

Speaking of safety, the builders here did a great job by complying with OSHA and ANSI standards. Moreover, it exceeds the standards at some points, as well. Apart from that, the wide rungs here does indicate that it is pretty much secured for anyone to use! You can easily balance your feet on it.

The best part is, the ladder can be transformed into multiple different types of climbing support. For example, it can be a stepladder, staircase, trestle-and-plank, and also a simple extension. Not to mention, the ladder can also support weight up to 300 pounds on it.


  • Multi-position ladder
  • 90-degree staircase
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI standards
  • Weight capacity up to 300 pounds
  • Quad-lock hinges


  • It can be converted into multiple climbing support
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • WIde rung size can easily fit your feet
  • It even exceeds ANSI/OSHA standards for safety
  • Can support weight up to 300 pounds on it


  • It’s a bit on the heavier side to transport 

Final Words

It’s hard to pick one ladder from the market and label it as the best ladder for cleaning gutters. However, when there are hundreds of useless ladders on the display, it’s easy to eliminate the obvious losers. That’s what we did and picked up the most promising options for you. Follow the reviews to find the one that matches the best for you. You won’t be disappointed.