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Best Power Tool Combo

If you are looking for a tool, which is perfect for use around the house, and also works fine for use around the jobsite, then Hitachi KC18DHL should be ideal for you.

When you want a tool, which delivers maximum power, and can be used easily around the house for do-it-yourself, or for those professionals, who want it around the jobsite, then this particular driver drill and impact driver in one combo kit will be highly suitable for you.

Hitachi KC18DHL should be your choice, because it has a number of advantages, which make it quite outstanding.

This particular model has three pieces, which includes an 18-volt compact pro driver drill, as well as an 18-volt compact impact driver. Additionally, to make work easier for you, the 18-volt compact pro flashlight is also included with these two essentials.

All three things use lithium-ion batteries, which work for comparatively long hours than the standard batteries. These batteries also allow for an ergonomic tool to be shaped, because they take up less space, and can easily be glided into places.

This allows for a more comfortable handling of the tool. Furthermore, they also tend to weigh around 50 percent less than the NiMH or NiCd batteries, which give it a highly balanced tool body, making a beautiful body, which maximizes accuracy and control, thereby reducing user fatigue, especially when working for long hours.

These batteries further provide more advantages, which includes the fact that they have three times the charge cycles, if compared to traditional battery. Furthermore, with the patented charger, which has a unique circuitry, the batteries will never be overheated, and there will never be a power loss. You will never have to face replacement costs, and waste time. After all, time is highly important, when you are working at the jobsite.

Furthermore, to make your life much easier, the tool comes with a wide variety of user-friendly features. The Hitachi KC18DHL come with metal belt hooks, which keep the tools in place, so that you can just reach them at all times. Additionally, the LED job lights allow for better working conditions, especially, when you are working in dimly lit environments.

Accuracy will always be 100 percent. In addition, the tools come with variable speed triggers, which can allow you to change the speed and the power, so that you can match the right kind of speed that you need for the job.

Remember that these tools are powerful enough to handle a wide variety of heavy applications, as well as of course light applications. The driller has a ½ inch ratcheting keyless metal chuck, with 22 torque settings, along with a drill mode, to make sure that you can achieve maximum control in both forward and reverse.

The Hitachi KC18DHL impact driver is able to deliver 1280 lbs of torque, so that heavier applications, such as driving lags, tightening bolts and sinking screws can be done with extreme ease.

Why should you opt for any other tool, when you get the best in one kit? Buy Hitachi KC18DHL!