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Cutting Gutter Made Easy

Have you been planning to replace the gutters in your home as they become worn out? Well, people might have told you, you need professionals to help in installing those. But what if I tell you, no, you can do that on your own?

After all, it’s not rocket science. All you have to is manage the necessary tools and materials and most importantly, getting acquainted with the procedures.

In this article, we will focus on a specific part of installing your gutter. And that is how to cut gutters.

A successful gutter installation deepens a lot on the quality of its cut. So, there’s no way of underestimating its importance. Anyway, without any more delay, let’s get started.

Tools and Materials, You Will Need

  • Tape Measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • Gutter connection parts
  • Marker
  • Chalk line
  • Work Table
  • Fine-tooth file
  • Leatherwork gloves
  • Combination square

The Process of Cutting Plastic Gutters

Metal gutters are very much helpful when it comes to driving away rainwater from your roof. If you can manage to install the gutters properly around your roof, then you can live without any tension about leaks.

And when it comes to installing the gutters properly, then cutting them accordingly becomes important. In this section, we will go through the cutting procedure:

  1. Marking the Location of Cut

First and foremost, clasp your plastic gutter up to the location where it’s supposed to head. Then, put a mark on the gutter where you will cut. Yeah, you can also take the help of a tape measure but, this is the more accurate and fastest way.

  • For Straightedge Use Square

Following the marked points of your gutter, align the straightedge and create a straight line. You won’t have to make a pinpoint accurate cut, but remember the straighter cut you can do, the better it will be fitted.

  • Use Scissor to Cut

You can cut the gutter by using a scissor quite smoothly. Begin from the lip on edge and go through the line carefully. Try to make small cuts as it will let you have more control over the direction.

  • Use Sharp Knife

You may also use a knife to cut the gutter. But remember safety first. So we would suggest you use a flat work area and keep the gutter level on the ground. Get started from the edge and cut the gutter. Continue with the cutting as long as you are not done with all the sides. And that’s the cutting process.

Cutting Aluminum Gutter

Aluminum is quite popular when it comes to the rain gutter. They are famous for their great longevity and affordability. If you want to install the gutter properly, then you have to very careful with the cutting process. In this section, we will learn how to cut aluminum gutter:

  1. Getting Started

Lay flat your aluminum gutter in the worktable. Make sure the top of the gutter is well-rested on the surface of the table.

  • Marking the Cut Length

The next task is to mark your cut length onto the base of the gutter. And, make sure it’s facing up with the carpenter’s pencil and tape measure.

  • Time to Extend the Cut Mark

Now you need to extend your cut mark around the gutter. To do that, you will need the combination square. You have to use it to do the proper alignment.

  • Placing the Aluminum Gutter

Turn over the aluminum gutter that you marked. And place the base of the gutter on the surface of your worktable.

  • The Cutting

Begin the cut by following the marked line you put on the aluminum gutter. Continue with the cut along the side of your aluminum gutter. To cut down the other side of the aluminum gutter, just repeat the process.

Then you got to bend the gutter gently to create enough room to make a precise cut in the bottom of your aluminum gutter.

The Finishing

Now you have to remove the sharp edge, which was created during the cutting process. So it doesn’t end up cutting you while you are setting up the gutter. Congratulation! You have done the cutting successfully. Time to pat yourself on the back.

Final Words

As you can see, cutting your gutters following the ideal method is not child’s play. It takes time and practice. So, if you want to get good at it, you need practice and proper guidelines. You have heard of this famous quotation, “practice makes a man perfect.”

Yes, with practice, you can accomplish an unimaginable task. When it comes to knowing how to cut a gutter, it’s nothing different. However, if you don’t feel confident enough to do it, then we would suggest you find a quality gutter installation service. And in this age of the internet, it won’t be that hard.

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