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Do spray shields work?

Last but not least, consider the size of your project, as this will determine the size of your paint protection. The flexible polyester spray guard is smaller and lighter and can be used for most projects. A spray protection consists of a flat film that is connected to a handle. As the name suggests, it is used to protect surfaces from unwanted paint.

You could make your own color protection system, but to be honest, it’s smarter and faster to invest in a pre-built sign once you’ve researched the designs and found the materials in your workshop.

How do you prevent overspray from sticking?

Vaseline can also be a great choice for keeping your airless paint sprayer clean and free of overspray, as it usually prevents overspray from sticking to the product surface. For example, spraying a narrow surface with a wide spray pattern will inevitably result in overspray as you give off more paint than is required. The term overspray among amateur and professional painters has sometimes been loosely defined as “every time you put paint on an area that you didn’t want to put there in the first place. With this in mind, make sure you have a variety of nozzle sizes on hand so you can get through your project cleanly and without unnecessary overspray.