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Securing Your Safety With Extra Ladder Parts |3 Must Have

One of the most popular Extra ladder parts is a ladder stabilizer. It mounts on all types of extension ladders with wide arms and rubber pads that grip a surface area, allowing greater reach while providing better stability. An adjustable ladder stabilizer is capable of multiple configurations. The Louisville LP2210-00 adjustable aluminium ladder stabilizer costs $54. It is important to determine if the stabilizer is designed to fit aluminium or fiberglass ladders.

A ladder leveler slides onto either leg to level the base of the ladder when working on stairs, sloping ground or pitched roofs. The Werner PK80-2 Level-Master automatic ladder leveler is more expensive at $90.75 but receives the highest recommendation. This ladder leveler attaches to Werner fiberglass and aluminum extension ladders and automatically adjusts up to 8 1/2”.

To protect surfaces from being damaged by using a ladder, a ladder cover snaps over all aluminium and fiberglass extension ladder rail end caps and also improves grip. Werner AC19-2 extension ladder cover pair cost $10.

Ladder feet ensure safety by providing a surer grip. Trim 2 Fit universal ladder feet at $10 are made from rubber and marked with cutting guides so you can obtain the right size for your ladder.

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For ease of transportation, ladder wheels support most of the ladder’s weight, helping prevent personal injuries and getting the job completed faster. Ladder wheels kit for extension and A-frame ladders SR-1 costs $30. Other ladder parts which assist with safe transportation are ladder clamps. They are designed to secure ladders to vehicle roof racks. Thule Pro 349 ladder clamp holder costs $67 and contains two clamps.

Ladder jacks are ladder parts commonly used for scaffolding between two ladders, primarily used for light loads. Werner AC10-20-02 long body aluminium ladder jacks up to 20” width cost $118.

To restrict unauthorised access to your ladder, a ladder guard hooks over the rung and locks at the rear via a padlock. These are just a selection of ladder parts available on the market today!

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