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Utilizing The Versatile Folding Step Ladder |5 Tricky Advise

folding step ladder is an essential ladder for the everyday tasks of homeowners as well as home improvement jobs and for a wide variety of occupations. Varying heights and configurations allow for a range of uses and they have the practical feature of a large flat surface to rest equipment on. An aluminium step ladder is lightweight and yet durably strong, does not corrode and is maintenance-free. A fiberglass step ladder is not as light as an aluminium one but it does not rust or bend and very importantly it does not conduct electricity which is an essential feature for electrical work.

6 Best Folding Step Ladder

Noted for their versatility, Little Giant step ladders offer a variety of positions and platforms. The Little Giant 12580 fiberglass step ladder is suitable for home and professional use and costs $233.56. The tripod design of this 4 step ladder increases stability and the 5’-8’ frame can be placed on staircases or sloping ground, or the third leg can be placed in the vertical position so the ladder can go vertically against walls.

The Davidson FS4006BX six foot folding fibreglass step ladder can be purchased for $156.69. This 6’ step ladder has deeply serrated U-channel 3” wide steps and angle bracing on the top and bottom step for strength and stability, as well as a rear brace. The molded plastic top can hold paint pots and has slots for small hand tools.

In a similar price range, the Louisville FS1508 8’ step ladder for $160 is an extra heavy duty fiberglass step ladder. It features inside spreader braces, wide back braces at one foot intervals, and a heavy duty bottom back brace all providing additional strength. Each step is secured with six large headed, semi-tubular steel rivets for maximum durability. There are also tool slots to keep home improvement tools close to hand.

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Highly recommended for their excellent ladders, Werner makes a 10’ fiberglass step ladder 6210 for $295 and a 12’ step ladder 6212 for $308. Both of these ladders have a 300 lbs duty rating and are hard-wearing with internal spreaders, double riveted Traction-Tred steps and rear horizontal braces. The molded plastic top has a hook built into the underside to hold paint cans.

Many craftsmen have a range of cordless Dewalt home improvement tools and to add to this collection the 18V Dewalt cordless circular saw DC390B costs $89.99. It uses a 6 1/2” blade and is capable of 3700 rpm and weighs around 9 lbs. In a similar price range the Black and Decker Firestorm 18V cordless circular saw FS18CS has been hailed as innovative and cost-effective.

A gorilla ladder is a very versatile folding ladder that can be used in a wide variety of configurations including flat extension, double sided step ladder, scaffolding ladder and stairway ladder, with each position capable of different sizes. These ladders are available in aluminium and fiberglass and come with a limited lifetime warranty. The AL-13 13’ Aluminium 13 Position gorilla ladder is highly recommended for general use and costs $150. A gorilla ladder is one of the most useful and versatile step ladders available and at affordable price, and is the best option for those who desire a multipurpose folding step ladder.

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