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How To Clean Gutters With Leaf Blower

The roof gutters have to be cleaned every now and then. This is to ensure the smooth flow of the rainwater and that the gutter itself is not overwhelmed. Several ways and means via which you may clean your gutters exist. Of these, the leaf blowers stand out.

You should definitely know how to clean gutters with leaf blower. Our discussions here below exist to showcase just that. In them, we are going to lay bare the steps you need to take as well as the significance of doing just that. Stay with us till the end to know how…


It is important to periodically clean your gutters. Below are the main reasons why this is the case:

Ensure the smooth flow of rainwater

Such a regular cleaning regime ensures that the water flows smoothly in the gutters, through to the downspout, and finally the municipal drainage. On the same note, it prevents the accumulation of the water in the gutters and the potential damages that do come along.

Prevent the gutters from being overwhelmed

By enabling a smoother flow of water, the periodic cleaning of the gutters also prevents the same from getting overwhelmed. The gutters retain their proper shapes, tone, and structures without necessarily falling under their own weights. That way, they last fairly longer than usual and do not imperil the lives of those who dwell nearby.

Spare your walls and fascia of the water damages

This exercise is also good for your walls and the fascia of your building. It prevents the water from splashing and possibly peeling off the paints that exist in such areas. Through this way, your structure gets to retain its luster and overall great physical look for a prolonged amount of time.

Bring down the costs of repairs and maintenance

With greatly reduced incidences of breakdowns, comes the similarly reduced spates or frequencies of repairs and maintenance. Of course, this is important because it spares you from the need to worry too much or divert plenty of your time and attention to the care of your building.

Uphold the structural integrity of the roofs

All in all, the regular cleaning of the gutters works to uphold the structural integrity of the roofs and the building as a whole. When the water is drained out well, the foundation of your building is spared from the weakening that is usually occasioned by the water damages.


Tools/Items Required

You will first and foremost garner the following tools and items:

  • Leaf blower
  • Power source
  • Face/gas mask
  • Pair of gloves
  • Apron/overall
  • Goggle (optional)
  • Ladder

Step-by-step Procedures

Having done that, you now need to follow the procedures stipulated below:

Step I: Put on the necessary protective gears

Start it out by putting on the necessary protective gear. Put on a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the falling debris, a pair of gloves to shield your hands from the abrasion and the risks of blisters, and the apron to keep your clothes from getting dirtied by the flying dirt.

Step II: Cordon off the work area

Move now to cordon off the work area appropriately. The purpose of this is to prevent the small children, neighbors, and passersby from intruding in the work area. Use a strip to demarcate the perimeter and complement it with a ‘Works in Progress’ sign.

Step III: Place the ladder strategically

Place the ladder strategically prior to commencing the leaf blowing exercise. The ladder has to rest firmly on the wall to prevent the same from falling off or fidgeting when shaken. It also has to incline gently to allow for smoother and uninterrupted climbing and disembarking.

Step IV: Fix the leaf blower to the power source

Fix the leaf blower now to the power source. Insert the plug into the mains electricity socket or engage the battery to have it start operating. You may have to use an extension cable to lengthen the reach of the blower if the cable is shorter or the area to be impacted is further away.

Step V: Clear the debris

Get down now to the core business of eliminating the leaf debris. To do this, activate the leaf blower and channel the stream of the air to the precise areas which you would wish to impact. Make several passes atop the area to come up with the best ends.


As you blow the leaves off the gutters, do adhere to the following precautions:

Put on the necessary safety gears

Always put on the necessary safety gears to protect your body from all forms of damages that potentially come by. They include aprons, overalls, gas masks, and a pair of gloves.

Work strictly during the day

You should always work strictly during the day. How possible is it that you will behold what you are doing? If you must work at night, be sure to use a powerful and truly bright flashlight.

Avoid blowing leaves when it is windy

It is pointless for you to blow the leaves when it is windy. You will most likely be doing zero work as the winds shall blowback the leaves to the area where you have already worked on.

Anchor the ladder firmly

For your own safety, you need to anchor the ladder firmly on the ground and against the wall. Slant it gently to allow for more convenient scaling and disembarking. Fix it firm in the ground to prevent it from falling off.


Our look into how to clean gutters with leaf blower comes to an end there. Having belabored the subject to the logical end, we now pass the buck to you to implement it. We caution against taking too long to take the first step. Leaves may be a nuisance if not handled and mitigated in time.

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