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How To Clean Gutters Without A Ladder |DIY 5 Simple Steps

Cleaning Gutters is a periodic work for every home. Guess what if you learn How To Clean Gutters Without A Ladder ? Yes! Very simple & easy to follow DIY gutter cleaning tricks.

For a large part, cleaning your gutters entails the use of a ladder. That is given the fact that the gutters are often located high up in the roof. This ought not to be the case really. It is possible indeed to accomplish the said job without necessarily possessing or making do with a ladder.

But how possible is this? Well, there are a variety of pieces of equipment that may come to your rescue here. Examples of these include the vacuum cleaner, power washer, leaf blower, and the rotary system, to name but a few! For the sake of our arguments here, we shall narrow and focus on the leaf blower exclusively.

How To Clean Gutters Without A Ladder

A leaf blower is a special piece of equipment that generates a massive outflow of air. When directed to the gutters, the blower expels all the dirt, leaves, and the debris that may exist there. To do so, it derives its power from the mains electricity or battery power.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Face mask
  • Apron
  • Hat
  • Overall
  • Gloves
  • Goggles or visors
  • List item

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DIY Gutter Cleaning

diy gutter cleaning

The steps below endeavor to explain how to use it:

#1 Put on the necessary protective gears

Start out by putting on the necessary protective gear. Put on a hat on your head to protect it from the debris that may fall on it. Then, the visor or the goggle will help to protect your eyes from the dangers that potentially affect it.

The apron or the overall will shield your body and the clothing you put on from the falling debris. Lastly, the pair of gloves will shield your delicate hands from friction, blisters, and potential injuries.

#2 Cordon off the work area

Next, move to cordon off the work area to prevent the small children and the passersby from intruding arbitrarily and suffering some damages thereafter. Use masking tape to create a boundary of the area you intend to work in. Then, mark out the area with a sign, ‘Work in Progress’ to warn others of your intent.

#3 Determine the source of power

These leaf blowers do derive their power from various sources. You have to know the source of power to use for the job. Given that you will not be using a ladder, you have to choose a power source that will get you as closer to the gutters themselves as can be.

Further, you must see to it that the source of power is able to deliver the blowing tasks for the entire duration of time that you will be blowing the leaves off. By far, the rechargeable batteries are the most recommended sources of power. They are long-lasting while also deliver potent blowing powers.

#4 Channel the blower to the gutter areas

Get to the core of the blowing itself now. Turn the blower on to let it generate the blowing power. Then, direct the nozzle of the blower to the precise portions of the gutters that have the debris. Vary the intensity of the blowing to conform to the number of piles you may have to confront.

Also, attempt to make several passes on the gutter area to eliminate the minutest degree of dirt that may persist on the gutters all together. You may have to use some sharp sticks or the handheld rakes to get rid of the hardened dirt and other persistent dirt that may still reside in the areas.

#5 Collect the debris and clear the area

Finish off by clearing the debris from the gutters and the area. Use a broom to sweep the area and a trash collector to carry the trash to the larger dust bins. Remove the masking tapes and the other items you used to cordon off the areas. Then, restore the landscape and have the tools returned to their storage areas.

Safety Tips

In the course of blowing off leaves from the gutters, there are some safety tips you have to adhere to. The adherence to these tips is the only way to guarantee the safer and equally reliable outcomes you so desperately yearn for. Below are some tips to consider observing:

  • Choose and make do with the right model
  • Hold the machine at a shallow angle
  • Employ some smooth and broad sweeps
  • Desist from blasting every single leaf as you blow them up
  • Desist from blasting every single leaf as you blow them up
  • Keep off the smaller children from the areas you intend to clean
  • Maintain some regularity to prevent having to expend too much effort later
  • Seek expert assistance when in doubt


Just to reiterate an earlier point, the leaf blower is not the only intervention that may yield the necessary great outcomes. Indeed, some other alternatives like the vacuum cleaner, power washer, rotary system, and the handheld sticks or rakes can deliver the selfsame awesome ends.

In case you have large scale structures, we caution against going it alone. Not only is the procedure to be employed at such a time quite complicated but also does it take too long. Under such a circumstance, we highly recommend the employment of the professional cleaning company to help you out. What more could we possibly add?

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