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Leaf Free Gutter Guards – 3 Powerful Benefits Explained

In our discussions below, we are going to belabor the leaf free gutter guards.The gutters need to be appropriately protected from the falling debris and the other contaminants if there be any hope of the same dispensing their duties flawlessly. For this to happen, you need to fix in place a gutter protection system. As the name implies, this is an accessory that serves to prevent the gutters from getting blocked.

Compared to the ordinary gutter guards, this resource works extra hard to prevent the leaves and debris from choking your gutters. We are going to peek into what it has to offer and some of the attendant benefits it confers to a would-be user.

Different Types Of Gutter Protection

There are four main kinds of the gutter protection system. Here below, we delineate and explain these types of gutters for you:

Gutter Helmet

The gutter helmet is so-called because of the way in which it is structured and formulated. It comes about in a nose-forward design. By this design, the debris falls off the sides of the roof while at the same time the water flows directly through the tunnel. This guard system type is by far the most effective and loved by the homeowners.


This one works much like a filtration mechanism. It traps debris of all sizes while at the same time giving the rainwater the thru-pas to flow through unfettered. This arrangement demands that you scoop out the larger debris from time to time to prevent the same from settling atop the sieve and encouraging the growth of plants or weeds.


As its name implies, this is a mechanism that comes about in the form of a wire mesh. It blocks out the debris from flowing through the gutters while at the same time enabling the water to flow in the guard system unhindered. Like the foam above, the mesh must also be unclogged from time to time to ensure the smooth flow of the water.


Coming in last are the screens. They are the most common kinds of gutter guards owing to their relatively affordable nature. Also, they double up as being easier to set up for eventual use. Like the mesh above, the screens are also prone to the risks of clogging and must hence be unclogged from time to time.

Leaf Free Gutter Guards

gutter guards

We now come to the leaf-free gutter guard. From its name, you can clearly deduce that it works to keep off the leaves and debris from penetrating the gutters and possibly clogging the same. It is by far the most reliable of all the gutter systems we have around given that the leaves and debris for a large part are the most common menaces that the roofs have to contend with.

Below are the top characteristics of the leaf-free gutter guards:

Anti-corrosive Material Makeup

The leaf-free gutter guard comes about in anti-corrosive material makeup. This makes it great for the resistance to water damages. Thanks to this nature also, the tasks of cleaning and restoring the metallic structures to their proper working conditions are greatly simplified. Also, the item hardly damages the paints by way of soiled water.

Powerful Filter

A powerful filter forms the core of the gadget. As you may have already guessed, its role is to sieve out the leaves and the fine debris while at the same time allow for the smooth flow of the water down the drains. In fact, it is the filters that stand out as the premier part and aspect of the gadget altogether.

Downspout Channel

Rounding it all up is the downspout channel. This is the portion of the gutter guard that directs the flow of the wastewater to the municipal drains. Like the other structures of the guard system, this one also bears the anti-corrosive material makeup that resists the damages by the agents of hydration and water damages.

Benefits Of Leaf-Free Gutter Guards

Below are some of the benefits of the leaf-free gutter guards:

Blocks out all the Leaves

The first and foremost benefit of this guard is that it blocks out all the leaves and debris from sinking into the gutters and the downspouts. In that way, it also spares your system from the possibility of getting overwhelmed in the course of handling your trash. Obviously, this leads to better performances altogether.

Spares your walls from water damages

By enabling a consistent and unconstrained flow of the debris down the downspouts, this kind of guard system also spares your walls from the water damages that potentially arise with use. The end result of this arrangement is a prolonged and unimpeded performance that also extends indefinitely. On the same note, the costs of handling and engagements also reduce considerably.

Aids in the cleanliness of your premises

You will find the task of cleaning and maintaining your premises greatly simplified and enhanced with this gutter guard firmly in place. As you have already deduced, it reduces the likelihood that the walls and other vital portions of your homes may be soiled or consistently dirtied. In the end, you only have to place a little effort and that is it!

Some Good Brands

How about us now take a look at some of the leading brands that engage in the manufacture of these gutter protection systems:


This brand stands apart from the others in the sense that its products are comparatively simpler to set up for eventual use. Thus, it suits the do-it-yourself homeowners to a large extent. Its products also feature a unique design that allows for overlaps that subsequently reduce the gaps in between the gutter guard. Need we add the durable steel makeup and the powder-coating?


Wedge ranks next in the list of the leading brands. Its line of products is mainly optimized for strength and longevity of service. These are evidenced by the strong, heavy-duty, and truly reliable stature that the items ordinarily come about in. They include the heavy-duty materials and the reinforced parts that endure the numerous spates of damages that may be leveled against them.


Are you a general do-it-yourselfer? You have the FlexxPoint brand for your own leverage and engagement. Its products are smaller, less complicated, and truly capable of meeting the needs of persons who lack the skill and expertise needed to tackle the stronger or the more complicated materials. In fact, it is truly popular across several homes in the United States.

Frost King

Do you operate a timeline that is somewhat squeezed? You have the Frost King for your consideration and subsequent use. The items that are produced by this brand usually come pre-assembled and ready for use. Additionally, they are accompanied by a set of easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through your entire journey. They keep the best gutters flowing smoothly and steadily all the while.

Lake Lite

Want to keep your foundations steady and less inclined to the risks of damages? You have the Lake Lite gutter guard to look up to. Its products are designed in such a manner that enables the direction of the water as far away from the foundations as possible. That way, they shield the foundations from the risks of cracks and the attendant damages that come along.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We take a look now at some of the frequently asked questions with regards to the leaf-free gutter guard subject matter:

Q1. How much do LeafGuard gutters cost per foot?

A. Expect to part with $11 to $37 per foot to install and operationalize the LeafGuard gutter guard. The actual cost however depends on the precise location wherein you are, the size of the installation you want to secure, and the prevailing regulatory regimes. Do not shy away from bargaining for the best deals.

Q2. How do you keep leaves from blocking gutters?

A. Follow the procedures below to keep the leaves and debris from blocking the gutters:

  • Insert a wire into the downspout to push through the leaves and debris and open the gutters
  • Place a gutter cover atop the rain gutter guards to prevent the debris from seeping into the drains and the downspout
  • Clean the gutters on a regular basis and especially so after a heavy downpour and thunderstorm
  • Scare away all the birds and the squirrels as they do defecate on the downspouts and clog the same.
  • Pour some vinegar and other harsh chemicals to dissolve the debris as part and parcel of your thorough cleanliness.

Q3. Do any gutter guards really work?

A. YES, they do! The gutter protection system works hard to clear any debris from entering the downspouts and clogging the same. They also make the act of cleaning the systems a lot easier not to mention of course eliminating any forms of gutter clogs from impeding the gutters altogether to keep them clog-free.

Q4. What is the best leaf guard for gutters?

A. The Raptor Gutter Guard, it is! It embodies every vital trait that is responsible for the proper functioning of the gutter guards. These include the anti-corrosion stainless steel material makeup, heavy-duty stature, and the relative ease of installations. On top of these, the item lasts longer than many others of kinds.


Our roundup of the leaf free gutter guards come to an end there. How about you taking over from where we have left and implementing the insight appropriately? That cannot mean anything else save for you now to lay your hand on any of the gutter guards we have reviewed or recommended above. All the best as you take the first step of faith towards that.

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