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Reaching New Heights With A Telescoping Ladder |6 Top Models

telescoping ladder is a unique style of extension ladder with different levels which can be extended to various heights and which slide down upon each other for compactness and portability. A telescoping ladder can be found in different styles to meet the demands of a range of jobs.

The needs of most jobs can be met using a regular telescoping ladder which adjusts to ten different lengths. The Xtend and Climb aluminium telescoping ladder telescopes from 2.5′ to 12.5′ in one foot increments, with each step having its own set of release buttons. It weighs only 22 lbs and yet has a load rating of 225 lbs. At such a compact size it is easy to store and transport and has an integrated carry handle. This multipurpose ladder costs $189.95.

The telescoping attic ladder can be fitted for various heights and easily installed above the attic’s opening. Highlighted as one of the best on the market, the Werner AA8 Televator telescoping attic ladder fits ceiling height range from 7’4” to 8’4” and only requires a 22”x22” opening. It has extra-wide, slip-resistant steps and non-marring feet, with 250 lbs load capacity. This Werner telescoping ladder costs $216.83.

A telescoping step ladder folds up and is easy to carry. The Xtend and Climb SL675 aluminium telescoping step ladder costs $299.99. It extends from 2’3” to 7.5″ with an easy to use no-pinch closure system and non-slip caps. Weighing only 31 lbs, it is constructed from lightweight alloy and ANSI/OSHA rated to 300 lbs.

A telescoping multiladder is more expensive but very versatile in that it combines step and extension ladders in a single unit and can hold awkward shapes. Werner telescoping multiladders are the highest rated for versatility, stability and reasonable pricing. The Werner MT-22 telescoping multiladder costs $192. It can be converted into a double-sided 5’-9’ step ladder or used as a 11’-19″ extension ladder. It has a 300 lbs duty rating and an extra-wide flared bottom for stability. It is made of strong, light aluminium and meets ANSI and OSHA codes.

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For greater resourcefulness, the Little Giant 10302 aluminium telescoping ladder can convert into a double-sided step ladder ranging from 4’-7″, and an extension ladder with a height from 9’-15″, adjustable in one foot increments. It can also be separated into two scaffold trestles with the free work platform inserted, and can be changed to work on uneven surfaces such as stairs and ramps. In addition, it can adjust into a ninety degree ladder for getting closer to work surfaces. It is also compact weighing 32 lbs and storing in just 4’-7” of space. This multiladder comes with a unique five year warranty and costs $270.

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