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What kind of paint do you use on spray foam?

While painting is an advantageous way to improve the appearance of foam insulation that isn’t obscured by drywall, steps need to be taken to ensure it’s done correctly. In addition, the aerosol exerts force behind the paint that can damage foam insulation, in particular open-cell spray foam. You can paint over spray foam insulation, but it’s not a particularly easy process. You can definitely paint expanding foam, often with varying levels of difficulty, depending on the foam used and coverage area.

Now that you know that your exposed spray foam insulation can be painted, you may have a few more questions about the material.

Does paint stick to the foam insulation?

Considered environmentally friendly, this next-generation spray foam insulation is not low in ozone and exceeds the specifications of other HFC product alternatives. This is because acrylic paint adheres better to polystyrene or styrofoam insulation than other types of paint. For hard-to-reach areas such as the corners, it makes sense to use foam brushes instead of the roller. A bristle brush or roller can be used, although it works best with closed-cell foam insulation due to its denser texture.

There are some paint products and coatings that are specifically designed for spray foam insulation, but again the best approach is to take a professional approach — someone with the experience and expertise to get the job right.

Can you paint over expanding foam?

Expanded foam is a flexible product with a variety of applications, including waterproofing, fire protection, and insulation, to reduce heat flow in and out of the home. Each of these methods helps you remove dust that makes it difficult for your paint to set or allows for more visible bumps and imperfections. Acrylic paint is the best paint if you want to paint the entire surface or a large part of the foam. If you were to visit RetroFoam of Michigan’s office, you’ll see spray foam painted on the ceilings.

Does spray foam insulation have to be painted?

These foams typically come in a shade of white to yellow that may not match the areas you’re applying them to. XPS, polystyrene and styrofoam insulation are very durable and long lasting, but can be damaged by water. While you don’t need to paint foam insulation, it can help prevent damage from UV rays. In addition, acrylic paint is easy to spread to paint the entire surface of the foam board insulation and thick enough to completely cover the color of the foam board.

Expanding foam is easy to paint, but following these steps carefully will give you the best look for long-lasting results.